Structural steel on the inside of the home allows for better use of space and cuts down on walls needed to support point loads. In return this means larger, more open rooms that can have taller ceiling heights. This also makes the framing process must faster during the start of the house. Floated garage floors allow for use of the space under the garage, which usually means including a shop within the house instead of it being in the backyard.

Our custom steel decks are built from a combination of different shapes of steel to make a deck that will last a lifetime. The entire deck can be bricked, rocked, or many other exterior finishes so that it can look uniform with the rest of the house. Unlike your typical wooden deck which is left with a treated lumber look and then has to be replaced every 10-12 years.

Also with a steel deck you can use fewer columns which will maximize the view from the basement and other floors in the home. The most convenient and easiest times to install a deck are shortly after the framers have finished the first floor of the home. This gives us the best visibility and largest working area for the crane and other equipment needed for the job. This also allows for us to do a quick install and give you the best price possible. We also have a crane and operator, which allows us to control the price of our jobs more. We would love to build your custom deck on your new home to provide for the future of your backyard.

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